Welcome To Levon’s Divine Underground

Welcome To Levon’s Divine Underground



Lyova (Levon) Arakelyan
Lyova (Levon) Arakelyan

In a small village within Armenia, there rests a miraculous cave that was built by one man, not an army of men. If you step into a cave that was built in a span of 23 years, you will not believe how one man built a network of caves that sink 70 meters deep. It is a miraculous museum that attracts over 40,000 visitors from Japan, Poland, Israel, USA, Germany, Australia and other countries. It is still one of the most visited sites in Armenia to date.



There are many interesting caves around the world all which have different stories in regards to how they came to life. One particular cave stands out in many different ways, from the builder to the inspiration behind the construction. On this website you will find information about Levon Arakeylan and his amazing magical cave.


What guests have said:

Underground Masterpiece
Levon’s underground cave is a wonderful of excavation, carving, and persistence of a calling to dig, dig, and dig. It took him 22 years to finish it. It is exceptional. Seven stories down through twisting stairs and walkways you see his cutouts and carvings. A 15-20 minutes ride from Yerevan.
Sacred and incredible place
Took a taxi for less than 4500 AMD for round trip. It is a private house and the owner dig a huge basement by himself with simple tool since 1985. He passed away a few year ago. you can contact his wife first before the visit. Amazing place that worthy for a visit.
She asked for a potato pit
Levon’s wife wanted a potato pit and 23 years later he stopped digging. This is a wonderful testament to passion and love and vision. Levon is gone but his materpiece is still there for us to see. It’s a short cab ride to Arinj and the process of getting there was for me lovely as well.